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Working with Schools

We work in schools providing dance and gymnastics classes in a creative and fun way ensuring there is a focus on the progression of each child, building confidence, teamwork, and improving communication all whilst working alongside your school curriculum.   


We are currently providing sessions in multiple schools across Merseyside and Liverpool on various topics and schemes of work, as well as facilitating various dance classes for children from the age of 3 across the numerous boroughs.   

All our staff are highly trained with myself (Ashleigh) previously being observed by Ofsted to promote dance within a physical education setting in schools, as well as demonstrating afterschool dance curriculum to numerous head teachers to allow them to access the provisions in their school.   


There has been clear evidence found through research that by implementing ' performance arts—music, drama, and dance—into core subjects helps young children learn better across the curriculum. By singing, dancing, imagining, and connecting their bodies and minds, children learn more deeply and meaningfully, especially in subjects like reading, math, and science.'

Our offer to you  

We are offering sessions to new schools, allowing you access to our bespoke high-quality physical education provision and after-school clubs. We would love to discuss this opportunity further with you if you wish.    


Our latest achievement   

Recently, we have been working with a school to create a unique video to be shown in Eurovision 2023. We worked with the school to create ideas to be featured in the video and teach choreography to pupils from various year groups to symbolise given stimuli and themes of Eurovision 2023.   


Upcoming Opportunities for schools   

End of year performances and awards. We work with various schools to create a performance that can be shown to parents and careers of your pupil, this can be shown in your school or in a theatre. This allows everyone to see the progress the pupils have made in multiple skills (teamwork, communication skills, confidence, physical education and much more)   


If you would like to discuss this further, please contact us on or 07383525252   

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