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Working with Schools

Ashleigh's Dance Academy work with various schools to bring dance classes and after-school clubs to pupils. 

Classes are created specifically for your school to ensure your pupils are being challenged and their needs are being met. 

Programs include

-Mindful Dance (created with a licensed therapist to help pupils express their feeling through movement and dance) 

-Around the world (children learn about different cultures and dance styles from different ethnicities and cultures) 

-Curriculum ( our sessions follow the children curriculum to enhance pupils understanding and knowledge from their academic work) 

- Sensory Dance (targeted at children with learning difficulties) 

Ashleigh Balmer is a qualified Dance Teacher with QTS, fully insured, and DBS checked.

(Ofsted has observed a session I have facilitated and praised the school for the session being accessible to their pupils) 

Working with schools: About Us
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