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Stage Curtains

ADA Summer Show Programme

Sorry not Sorry - Kikrby Acro
Beyoncé - Kikrby Street Dance (Older Girls)
Low - Aughton Street Dance 
Con Calma/ Never gonna not dance - Kikrby Street Dance 
Burning Up - Aughton Acro 
Burlesque - Kirkby Street Dance (Older Girls)
One short day - Kirkby Musical Theatre 
Popular - Aughton Musical Theatre 
Pump it up - Kirkby Acro
Venga boys - Kirkby Street Dance 
Supercalfaglistic- Kirkby Musical Theatre 
Confident - Aughton Street Dance
The black eyes peas  - Aughton Acro 
Rainbow ballet - Kirkby Ballet 
Beauty and the beast - Kirkby Ballet  
Nails, Hair, Hips, Heels - Bella Farrell Solo 
Oh Mickey - Aughton Musical Theatre 
Love me to Love you - Kirkby Contmeporay 
Flowers - Kirkby Contmeporay 
Call me maybe - Aughton Street Dance 
Earth song -Kirkby Contemporary 
Defying Gravity - Aughton Musical Theatre 
One Night Only - All 

Summer Show Programme 1: About Us
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