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Online Classes

Due to Lockdown Restrictions when we are unable to attend class in the studios, dance classes will be held online. 

Classes will be held on a daily basis to suit everyone's needs and requirements. 


Every Week a Tiktok Challenge will be posted on our Tiktok account (ashleighsdanceacademy) all the children need to do to enter is record themselves completely the same dance and duet it onto the dance academy video



Saturday's 10:30 AM

20 minutes

Shake that stressful week off you with Ashleigh's Dance Academy!

With a new theme every week!

FREE Saturday morning virtual dance class to lift spirits and get us all moving during the lockdown.

Ashleigh's Dance Academy will be going live every Saturday morning for 20 Minutes at 10:30 AM!

All you have to do is click on the logo at the top of our Instagram to watch and join in.

With Joe Wicks doing PE classes Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I thought it would be a great idea to launch Saturday morning dance classes which are suitable for any age and any ability, just to have a bit of fun with your family and shake the stress of the week away.

(You can not be seen so there is no pressure to be perfect)

Instagram: Ashleighsdanceacademy

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